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Nicholas Buffon

Haunts & Illusions

Opening: Saturday, February 13, 6–8pm

February 13 – March 20, 2016

A photograph of the left side of the gallery, which is a single wall with a NY Pizza storefront sculpture followed by a framed black and white drawing, and followed by a sculpture of the facade of Rite Aid.
A photograph of half of the gallery. The back wall holds a sculpture of the facade of a building, followed by a black and white drawing, then 2 small sculptures on the opposite right-side wall, and a sculpture of a building facade at right.
A photograph of the gallery interior, with 2 small sculptures at left installed on the wall. These works are followed by a black and white drawing, then a building facade sculpture, then another drawing that is illegible, then another facade sculpture on the opposite wall in the background.
A photograph of the front half of the gallery. At left is a building facade, followed by the open gallery window with a view of the sidewalk. The 2 sculptures of building facades and one drawing are installed on the wall at left of the gallery's entrance.
A sculpture made of foam and paper that depicts the facade of FDR pizza in the east village.
A sculpture made of foam and paper that depicts a building facade with a laundromat on the first floor, and apartments on the 3 floors above it. Half the building is red brick; the other half is beige stone.
A sculpture made of foam and paper that depicts the facade of Bank of America.
A facade of a building made out of foam and paper. There is a fire escape that runs centrally up the building, and 4 rows of 3 windows. On the ground floor is a bar. The artwork is hung on the wall.
The facade of a Rite Aid with a mural upon it. There is a sign that says "Open 24 Hours," and the majority of the facade is blue and green. There is a sliding door, and 2 windows. The work is hung on the wall.
A sculpted brick column, installed on the wall.
A sculpture of a white wall and a white mantle, with a brick fireplace that is red. There is a plant on the mantel, and a small drawing, also by Buffon, on the wall. The whole sculpture is installed on the wall.
A stove with two dirty pots upon it and a closed refrigerator, crafted from paper and foam. The two items are next to each other with a small space between them, hung on the wall. The fridge has magnets on the exterior, and the stove has a towel hanging on the handle.
A stove with a dirty pot upon it and a refrigerator that is open, crafted from paper and foam. The two items are next to each other with a small space between them, hung on the wall. The open fridge has items within it (a carrot, a brown object) and magnets on the exterior.
A Bank of America exterior ATM sculpted out of foam and paper, installed on the wall. The ATM itself is depicted on a gray stone wall.
A bathtub with a shower attached, no shower curtain, made out of paper and foam. there is a towel and bar of soap perched on the edge. It is hung on the wall.
A photograph of a bathroom vanity made of foam and paper. The unit is a muted pink, and has a roll of toilet paper at left, attached to the unit.
A bookshelf made out of paper and foam, installed upon the wall. There are books filling four shelves and 8 more books on the top.
A drawing on paper, framed in natural wood. There are 22 cubes arranged in a loose infinity sign. The orientation of the cubes makes the central area look tall, while the rest of the composition seems to spread out on a different horizontal plane.
A drawing of three triangles intersecting among one another in the center of the square composition. In the background is a ground that resembles a webbed, digital space: in the center, squares are small; as the eye moves outward, the squares get a bit bigger and accentuate contours in a landscape.
A drawing that is framed in wood with a white matte. The drawing is of 4 circles in the center of each edge then intersected by a circle in the center of the square composition. The background is mostly black with intermittent white lines, and looks cloudy.
A drawing of 8 squares interlaced with each other in a square format. In the background are concentric circles. The drawing is predominantly black with white lines defining the shapes.

Press Release

Miniaturized here are some buildings that I frequent in my neighborhood, all within four blocks of my apartment. 

The Bar Downstairs

I live above a noisy dive bar. You can tell the storefront has been many things in its long history. The Building is old: the floors and ceilings slant in different directions, the hallways sag as if the building is tired, certain details have been coated with so many layers of paint that they have become vague and soft.

FDR 99 Cent Slice Pizza

This place makes good cheap pizza. The small storefront was built into the alley between a large tenement building and an apartment building. It is all business in there, no place to sit and there is barely room for three people to order.  

Bank of America 

This is the closest branch to my house. While I am reluctant to bank with this corporation, I’ve used them since I first opened an account when I was thirteen. The apartments above the bank have been left out, their architectural style clashed with the neoclassical bank portion when, already, the modernism of the bank was forcefully inserted into a much older building.

Gentle Wash 

I do my laundry at this coin operated location. There is a change machine on premises. The only time I use drop off service is for sheets and towels. How does one fold a fitted sheet? I have made a decision to exclude the fire escape on this building. It is an unusual shape but it is ugly and caked in pigeon poop. There is a large tree obscuring most of this building so the entirety is covered in pigeon droppings.

Rite Aid

I buy certain sundries at this location. It is two blocks from my house and is open 24 hours. Sometimes people graffiti on the mural but it gets painted over very quickly. They must have a mural company on retainer. There are bees and butterflies.

Nicholas Buffon, born in 1987 in Seattle, Washington, lives and works in New York. He attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, Boston MA (BFA 2008) and the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, Bard College, Annandale-on Hudson, NY (MFA 2011). Buffon has had solo shows at Freddy, Baltimore, MD, and Callicoon Fine Arts, NY. His work was included in Art on Paper 2010: The 41st Exhibition at the Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro, NC, as well as in group exhibitions at The Hole, Foxy Production, Shoot The Lobster, all NY, and at QT Gallery, Chicago, among other galleries. He has performed many times since 2007 including at Mount Tremper Arts, NY, and at the 10th OPEN International Performance Festival in Beijing.

Callicoon Fine Arts is located at 49 Delancey Street between Forsyth and Eldridge Streets. Gallery hours are Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm. The nearest subway stops are the B and D trains at Grand Street and the F, J, M and Z trains at Delancey-Essex Street. For additional information contact the gallery at, or call 212-219-0326.

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